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Let’s care for children’s well-being

Place for children with organic shaped constructions & pastel colours

Let’s care for children’s well-being

This is an early childhood education center located in the residential area of Beijing. The design of the center was developed from a concept of colourful trees. The final design reflects this in an abstract and playful way.


 Lopende kinderen met roze muren Kindje voor boekenrekken Rode zetel in gang Zwembad Kindje en groene trap

Mama smile in Mito, Japan

Design: Emanuelle Moureaux

Mama Smile is a colourful miniature town designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux. It is an indoor playground located inside a shopping mall in Mito (Japan).  It has been designed with “iro-iku” in mind, a Japanese method of using the effect of color to stimulate a child’s concentration, imagination and communication. Although located inside the shopping mall it gives a sense of security, like being in a comfortable home.


Kind speelt verstoppertje Overzicht kindercentrum Kind en kinderhuisje Kinderhuisje  

Spring, Hong Kong

Design: Joey Ho Design

Spring is a newly established learning center for children that eschews the fairytale cliche of it’s genre: a space filled with rainbow colours, cartoon characters, toys and stuff, which is often the result of superimposing an adult’s perspective onto the space. For this project, the designer tried to look at the concept from a child’s viewpoint and concentrate on the learning experience as a whole.


Houten boomhut constructieGlijbaan Groene muur en trapjesSpeeltuintje en tafels en stoelenZitten kind Kindje aan het spelen


Vittra telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden

Design: Rosan Bosch Studio

The Rosan Bosch Studio has created a colourful and imaginative interior for the newly built Vittra school in Stockholm. This interior supports the school’s pedagogical values and methods. The school seeks to offer students and teachers diverse environments depending on the learning situation and necessities. This way the new design is an important tool in their daily life.


Kinderen aan tafel Kind zit tegen groene materie Kinderen spelen


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