Immotheker, Leuven - Kalibre
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Immotheker, Leuven

Immotheker, Leuven

“The interior at the service of the Brand”


In 2007, Immotheker, now Immotheker Finotheker, asked us to design a new concept for their offices. The basic idea for the concept can be summarized in one sentence: “Allow each Immotheker to meet together around the table with the customers in order to have a pleasant personal conversation and then to be able to offer the best advice far away from a salesman- atmosphere.” We placed meeting tables rather than offices. The design style can be described as: open, transparent, minimalistic, ‘corporate’. “The Immotheker Office Concept” is being realized for the first time in the Immotheker-agency and in the “Immotheker Academy” in Leuven. Subsequently, the Immotheker Concept was implemented in all other agencies in Belgium between 2007 and 2015.


“Happy Immotheker, Happy Kalibre!”


Credits: Photos: Lode Saidane, Grafical Artwork: Deepwhite